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A soft grip with a larger diameter and robust glass fiber reinforced polyamide clamp rings for performance in every discipline.


This is the evolution of our popular honeycomb grip that meets the needs of those who prefer thicker grips on their bikes. The 33 mm thick profile, with ultra-soft durometer and large offset honeycomb pads made of Kraton rubber, ensures a secure grip and supports the correct arm/wrist position. The single clamp ring design on the inside of the grips guarantees a secure hold of the grips and prevents them from turning or slipping. The handlebar end plugs made of a harder rubber, which are integrated into the end of the grip, protects the outer parts of your bars and grips from damage in the event of a fall or if you put your bike down roughly, and prevent dirt from getting into the handlebar. The reliable locking of the handlebar ends also prevents dangerous injuries from the handlebars in the event of a fall.


The glass-fiber reinforced clamping rings are light, robust and the brand's own design makes them compatible with all standard aluminum and carbon handlebars in width and diameter. They are available in seven color options to fit out your dream build. The Infinity Black variant is made from recycled plastic. The choice is yours! The D-Trix pair with glass fiber reinforced PA clamp rings weighs 137 g.

Gravity, Enduro, E-Bike
Grip diameter
33 mm
Grip width
143 mm
137 g
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