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Brand-new and yet well established. The evolution of the Millenium 3.0 pedal as a Your Part product made in Germany.
Made in Germany
Millenium 3.0 Your Part
Millenium 3.0 Your Part
Millenium 3.0 Your Part

Millenium 3.0 Your Part

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Yes, it's not cheap. But touch it & you'll know it's worth every penny...


We proudly present our first aluminum pedal that is made in Germany - the Millenium 3.0 Your Part. Engineered for the rough downhill tracks of this world and manufactured locally – just 10 km from our headquarters in Vogt near Ravensburg.


The pedal body is made from CNC-milled 6082 T6 aluminum. To reduce the environmental footprint of the pedal, it is made from 70% recycled aluminum. The pedal size is L 110 mm x W 105 mm x H 13mm (leading edge) with a net platform size of L101.6 mm x W105 mm. The 16 steel pins are recessed further into the pedal in the axle area than at the outer ridge which creates a concave profile. This ensures maximum grip as the foot sinks into the pedal. The pedal weighs in at 380 g per pair.


The body of the Millenium 3.0 rotates smoothly on a thermo-chemically hardened CrMo axle, which is also manufactured in Germany. Each pedal is equipped with three sealed deep groove ball bearings, an igus® plain bearing and a custom radial seal. Our Sixpack own failsafe system ensures, that the pedal body is firmly attached to the axle. Each pedal is assembled by hand in our headquarters in Germany. We check each individual item for quality and pack it securely in recycled cardboard packaging, which is also made in Germany.


This flat pedal passed all industry-specific tests, proving that it can withstand even the most extreme riding. It is classified in product category 5. The Millenium 3.0 Your Part is available in both Midnight Black and Raw. The pedal's stylish CNC look brings slight optical deviations with it which makes each pedal unique in detail. Morover, the pedal is available as a Limited Edition in the color copper.


During product development, we calculated the CO2 footprint of a pair of pedals along the entire value chain up to the point where the item leaves our warehouse. The climate footprint of the Millenium 3.0 Your Part pedal is 2.9 kg of CO2. In comparison, the emissions of a regular pedal made in Asia amount to 13.2 kg CO2.

Gravity, Enduro, E-Bike
Millenium, Your Part
Pedal type
L 110 mm x W 105 mm
L 101.6 mm x W 105 mm
Leading edge 13 mm
Pins per side
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