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Menace Aheadcap Menace Aheadcap
A classy finish to your Trail- or Enduro bike’s cockpit – the high-quality Sixpack Menace Aheadcap made from 6061-T6 aluminum. The only question left: What color do you want? The scope of delivery includes the bolt for a perfect...
Kamikaze Chain Guide Kamikaze Chain Guide
Sending challenging lines has never been more worry-free thanks to our Kamikaze Chain Guide. It´s a rock-solid DH chain guide with integrated bash guard made from durable Swiss polycarbonate and a guide pulley with sealed industrial...
Vertic Chain Guide Vertic Chain Guide
Looking for 360° protection for your chain and chain ring? The Vertic Chain Guide is the answer. Silent and lightweight, the Vertic Chain Guide prevents your chain from dropping and your mind from being distracted during your run. The...
Vertic Upper Chain Guide Vertic Upper Chain Guide
Thanks to our Vertic Upper Chain Guide, problems with your chain are a thing of the past and you have nothing to think of but your own performance. Silent and lightweight, the Vertic Upper Chain Guide reliably prevents chain drop. The...
Vertic Bash Guard Vertic Bash Guard
The Vertic Bash Guard relieves you of all your worries concerning damage to your chain and chain ring on every Enduro stage you race. Robust and lightweight for optimal protection of the chainring, the Bash Guard will save both time and...
Kamikaze Seatclamp Kamikaze Seatclamp
"No-bullsh*t" Kamikaze Seat Clamp CNC-machined and made from 6061-T6 aluminum and a width particularly suitable for Carbon frames. The Sixpack Kamikaze seat clamp is available in a variety of colors.
Menace Seatclamp Menace Seatclamp
Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, our durable quick-action Menace Seat Clamp guarantees the secure fixation of your seat post whilst resisting dust, moisture and dirt thanks to its smart design. No sceptic looks to your bike on the chairlift...
Menace Seatpost Menace Seatpost
With our Menace Seatpost you get an absolute no-bullshit product that reliably carries you on the trails of this world. Made from rock-solid 6061-T6 aluminum with a two-bolt clamp and a length of 350mm, you have the choice between two...
K-Trix K-Trix
The K-Trix feature a multi-directional grip pattern and are made from Kraton gel which effectively dampens vibrations and provides extraordinary anti-slip performance. The perforated surface of the K-Trix lock-on grips lets your palms...
A wide version of our comb-profiled Z-Trix lock-on grip with its outer diameter of 33mm is designed for all those who prefer fatter grips on their bikes. The wide comb profile made from soft Kraton gel provides your palms secure grip and...
The Z-Trix lock-on grip is an extra-slim version of our World Cup-proven D-Trix grip with an outer diameter of 28mm. The comb profile absorbs shocks and effectively directs pressure away from your palms, thereby reducing arm pump....
Menace Spacer Set Menace Spacer Set
Menace Spacer Set consisting of two 10mm spacers and one 5mm spacer to fine-tune cockpit height. CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with an outer diameter of 34mm. Available in a variety of different colors.
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