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Menace Spacer Set Menace Spacer Set
Menace Spacer Set consisting of two 10mm spacers and one 5mm spacer to fine-tune cockpit height. CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum with an outer diameter of 34mm. Available in a variety of different colors.
Millenium Aheadcap Millenium Aheadcap
The high-end Millenium Aheadcap made from 6066-T6 aluminum literally rounds off the look of your DH- and Freeride cockpit. Feel free to choose between different colors to get that flawless finish on your dream build. The scope of...
Millenium Spacer Set Millenium Spacer Set
Set consisting of finest 6066-T6 CNC aluminium, with two 10mm and one 5mm spacer for a wide adjustment range and an outer diameter of 33mm.
Vertic Stem 31,8 Vertic Stem 31,8
Enduro: the ultimate feeling of freedom, versatile bikes and athletes, who push their limits to the extreme whether it’s up- or downhill. The only thing missing is a stem that performs unconditionally under that kind of pressure. And...
Kamikaze DRM Kamikaze DRM
Strong, stylish and ultra-reliable – that’s what defines our uncompromising Gravity specialist, the Kamikaze Direct Mount Stem. Its appearance enhances the look of you DH bike, its technical characteristics have your back when you push...
Menace PA Menace PA
Does the body of a pedal need to be made of metal to win medals? No. Our Menace PA composite pedal does not lag behind its aluminum siblings in terms of grip but passes them when it comes to weight. Perfect for singletrail adventures and...
Menace 3.0 Menace 3.0
Experiencing uncompromising product performance whilst still being able to pay for the season pass of your favorite bike park, a new helmet, a parts upgrade or accessories for your favorite sport? Our Menace 3.0 flat pedal combines...
Weight optimized M4 steel pins for massive grip on your Sixpack pedals (Millenium 2.0/3.0, Millenium AL, Icon 2.0, Skywalker 3, Menace Comp, Kamikaze 2.0/3.0) with a TORX T15 head. 34 pieces are inlcuded in scope of delivery.
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