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If you decide to go for headset cable routing, you might as well do it right. So that's what we did.
Made in Germany
Millenium ICR Stem
Millenium ICR Stem
Millenium ICR Stem
Millenium ICR Stem
Millenium ICR Stem
Millenium ICR Stem
Millenium ICR Stem

Millenium ICR Stem

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Clamp diameter
35 mm
35 mm

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The Sixpack Internal Cable Routing system is the perfect solution if you are aiming for a clean cockpit, a quiet bike and want to minimize the typical risks involved with HS cable routing. It can be mounted on any bike with Acros ZS56 ICR Headsets or Acros Angle-Headsets with an additional aftermarket compression ring (11.52.106R2-AM). The stem is available in 35 mm and 50 mm length, both having a 35 mm clamp diameter and a clamp width of 55 mm.


This ICR system differs from currently available headset cable routing solutions in a few points. The major difference is in where the cables enter the headset. Cables are routed underneath (not through!) the stem. This area is sealed off with rubber cable ports to protect the headset from dust and most importantly - water. With regular HS routing top covers, water can enter the headset, which is a major known problem of the concept. Cables are routed close to the cockpit, and can be even shorter than with regular HS cable routing solutions, which further reduces danger of them tearing off and creates little to no rattling noises.


Our ICR Stem is a classic stem, like any other combined with HS cable routing, nothing proprietary or fully integrated here. We designed split-spacers for easy height adjustment of your cockpit, even after the ICR system is mounted. Just loosen the stem, pull it up,  and add or remove the split spacers easily. No need to worry about that. Changing or adjusting your handlebar is as easy as ever, too. Want to ride your favorite handlebar? No problem. Want to rotate your bar a little? Easy. You are brave and like the looks of our ICR Stem and want to run it on your regular bike? No problem either. The stem can also be combined with regular headsets with the included adapter, without the HS cable routing feature.

The Sixpack ICR System consists of:

1x CNC-milled stem, designed specifically to optimize the HS cable routing experience
1x top cover
1x horizontal rubber cable router seal with 4 cable ports
2x split spacers for easy height adjustment of the stem (each 5 mm height)
1x head tube cover with seal, compatible with Acros ZS56 ICR Headsets or Acros Angle-Headsets with additional aftermarket compression ring (11.52.106R2-AM)
1x Stem adapter for use with regular Headsets


The stem is CNC milled from AL 7075 in Germany. All other parts of the cable routing system are made of glass-fiber reinforced PA (Polyamide) in cooperation with Acros. We know what you are thinking: Plastic?! This will break. That's a common misconception, Polyamide is an extremely functional material with many benefits. It is lightweight, and - when reinforced with glass fiber - extremely robust and durable. Of course, we tested the entire system to the bone & it easily passed all industry-required tests. The Sixpack ICR system is approved for ASTM category 5, the highest category of riding.


Gravity, E-Bike
Stem type
Stem clamp
35 mm
Stem length
35 mm
2.5 mm
133.6 g stem
28.7 g cable routing system
38 mm stem
15 mm cable routing system
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